The 9 Elements of Hip-Hop

The 9 Elements

These Nine Elements are the beginning of Independence and Self-Governance for Hiphoppas. We are financed by our cultural Elements, these are our intellectual properties. If we are to become and remain politically and socially strong we cannot continue to give our intellectual property (our Elements) away to those who care little for our continued development and well-being as a people.

A Hip-Hop Element is one of Hip Hop’s cultural expressions. It is a material good. It is our intellectual property. It is our capital. It is an act, art, or idea that further expresses Hip Hop’s culture and consciousness. It is a skill that reflects the character of the Hip-Hop consciousness and enhances the Health, Love, Awareness, and Wealth of the truly committed Hiphoppa.

Presently Hip-Hop’s elements are symbolized as B.E.G.D.B.F.L.K.E.

  1. Breakin
  2. Emceein
  3. Graffiti Art
  4. Deejayin
  5. Beat Boxin
  6. Street Fashion
  7. Street Language
  8. Street Knowledge
  9. Street Entrepreneurialism

Hip-Hop’s or Hip Hop’s Elements are the sources of Hip-Hop Kulture’s political power. They are also the sources of a HipHoppa’s livelihood. They are how the HipHoppa provides for and protects her Self and her family. True HipHoppas are specialized in at least one or more of Hip-Hop’s Nine Elements.




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