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n. Informal: A disc jockey – disc′ (or disk′) jock`ey, n.
a person who selects, plays, and often comments on recorded music, as on a radio program or at a discotheque

Redman and Method Man Announce The Making Of How High 2

Article and Photography by Tyrone Z. McCants

If you consider yourself a hip-hop fan who enjoys going to live concerts then you had to have been to a Method Man and Redman performance at least once. If you have not yet seen their masterful stage show, follow them online and get a ticket to one of their many tour dates. Last month on April 22, also known as 4/20 weekend, Tucson held its first 420 Music Concert hosted by the Green Med Wellness Center and Hermes Delivery Center in Arizona.

The emcee duo began trading and dropping lyrical lines together in 1994. keeping each other’s skills sharp like neighboring verbal warriors from the hip-hop villages of Wakanda. They have developed an almost acrobatic stage performance where they bounce off each other’s energy both knowing what to expect from the other, resulting in legendary hip-hop shows.

April 22, 2018. Redman and Method Man, American hip-hop artists, actors, and music producers, perform their hip-hop classics at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos

Originally, John Blaze is one 10th of the Super Music Group – The Wu-Tang Clan.

April 22, 2018. Method Man, An American hip-hop emcee, music artist and one-tenth of the super music group, Wu-Tang Clan, receiving cheers fans at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos

And the Funk Doc is a part of another elite hip-hop music collective – The Def Squad.

Redman, American hip-hop artists, on stage rhyming at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos

The Within the 24 years of their numerous music chart-topping collaborations and features, the two did not only master the stage, they both went on to broaden their careers in the areas of acting and music production.

April 22, 2018. Redman and Method Man, American hip-hop artists, actors, and music producers, listen to fans recite hip-hop lyrics at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos

Every great concert performance is somewhat life-changing when you have the experience for the first time. It connects you to your favorite artist in a personal way. You learn that they {the artists} are really everyday people that enjoy putting on a great show just as much as fans enjoy going to them.

I will never forget my first concert. It was at the Appollo Theater in Harlem NY in 1990. The featured artists were a couple of young upcoming groups called Brand Nubian and A Tribe Called Quest, and a solo artist named D-Nice. The headlining artist was a growing hip-hop who went by the name of the Big Daddy Kane. I even kept the ticket.

Live at the Apollo / Harlem, New York: 1990 New Years Eve – Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, D-Nice, and Brand Nubian.

Make sure you check your local event listings and go see a show. For those hip-hop fans who get to watch these hip-hop brothers do their music live, it is gonna be a memorable experience. FYI, when you do get to go to your next Red and Meth concert and you notice their stage team bringing out loads of bottled water, be prepared for a wild show!

April 22, 2018. Redman and Method Man, American hip-hop artists, toss water on fans during hip-hop performance at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos

Here are 5 ways you will know that you are at a great hip-hop concert

  1. A talented artist or your favorite artist. If the music is good, you will be alright especially if the event is full of true to heart hip-hop fans.
  2. A safe location, an organized venue, helpful event staff, and an alert security presence.

    Event security staff hold barriers in place while excited hip-hop fans cheer for Method Man and Redman at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos
  3. Great merchandise, tees, clothing, posters, music, hats, anything the average fans can put on, eat, drink, or stuff in their pocket.

    April 22, 2018. T-shirts from the Green Med Wellness Center are tossed in the crowd during the 1st annual 420 Music Festival in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos
  4. The sounds system and deejay must be in working on point. Redman’s deejay, DJ Dice was on the 1s and 2s for the show.

    April 22, 2018. DJ Dice, An American deejay and music producer, does a music soundcheck for the upcoming performance by American emcees and artists, Redman and Method Man at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos
  5. A bunch of excited fans. It’s an amazing thing when an entire crowd recites the lyrics to a song. Believe it or not, the artists can tell if you into them and their music.

    April 22, 2018. Redman and Method Man, American hip-hop artists, actors, and music producers, announce to the fans they are working on their anticipated movie prequel, How High 2 at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos
  • Bonus. If you are lucky, some artists will present additional features to their show especially for their fans like a surprise guest artist, or new exclusive announcements about their music and special projects. Some may even toss out some gifts like free music, clothing, and other merchandise.

Method Man and Redman brought a guest emcee to the show. Staten Island’s own emcee, Streetlife joined them on stage to perform their 2015 collaboration, Straight Gutta.

April 22, 2018. Redman and Method Man surprise the hip-hop crowd by bringing out Staten Island’s Artist, Streetlife to the stage at the 1st annual 420 Music Festival at Green Med Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Tyrone Z. McCants / @ZirePhotos
The music duo also announced the making of their longly awaited prequel to their four-and-a-half star 2001 movie – How High. They Redman told the crowd the project is now in development for part 2 – How How 2! Needless to say, the Tucson hip-hop fans at the 4/20 music concert were hype to get the news.







TRB2HH Docuseries presents NoBody Beats the Biz Docu-series

In our first release we chronicle the early years of the Diabolical Biz Markie. This Artist has contributed so much in music, trend, sound, and help to evolve hiphop as a culture. This is a peak into his famous career as Cold chillin records go to guy. We love him for what he has done and honor him for what he gave us while doing it. EnJoy!!

What Is Hip-Hop Rap by Torae

Rapper Torae does a freestyle off the top at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2015

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“The What Is Hip-Hop Project | Taking it back to Roots” by Tyrone Z. McCants | @ZirePhotos

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Rhythm Roulette: Havoc

Video by Mass Appeal – In this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal linked with Havoc of Mobb Deep to show us why he’s considered a living legend.

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What started as a humble graffiti ‘zine in 1996 would soon grow to be one of the most trusted outlets for youth-spawned urban culture. Today, Mass Appeal is a media collective led by authentic voices and inspired minds. We are a platform for radical creatives who are transforming culture.

Black Moon Returns To The Studio 2016

Video by  Duck Down Music

To celebrate the rare occurrence of the Black Moon, Buckshot & DJ Evil Dee went to the studio and worked on some new music. Stay tuned.

Video by @dlpivmusic (Instagram)

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#WhatIsHipHop gives props to Kid Capri

Kid Capri Biography

The room begins to shake. It starts as a low vibration and builds. Something big is coming as the floor emits quiet anticipation. In the midst of the crowd sits a strange sort of silence. And then an ear-shattering, slightly defiant yell fills the void: KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID CAPRIIIII! It rattles the walls. Kid’s voice enters the space before he does and all at once, the audience knows what it’s …in for. “I am unlike rap acts that just walk from one side of the stage to the other in concert. I’m a total crowd-hyping entertainer. That means doing it 110% every time I hit the stage. I want the people out of their seats, feeling me, feeling the music. That’s the only way I do it.” This energy is what has earned Kid Capri his title, as the most relentless, most relied upon to rock a party, most dynamic and larger-than-life DJ in the history of hip-hop. He has survived every era of hip-hop and emerged each time with a renewed sense of purpose and something new to contribute to the culture. From the very beginning, Kid studied a craft that had never before been given recognition or even considered a legitimate skill. Yet Kid Capri’s skills go far beyond the spinning wheel of the turntable.
For years he’s been able to tour in parts of the country other artists were afraid to touch. Unafraid to try out new markets, anyone not into hip-hop before surely was after his show. This revolutionary talent began on the turntable, which ultimately gained him the status of a hip-hop phenomenon; however, Kid is a multi-faceted talent using his craft to create new trends in music that shatter the limitations so often placed on hip-hop artists. From his innovative style, to his second-to-none knack for choosing just the right crowd-pleasing sound, to his unparalleled mixtapes, Kid exemplifies the spirit of the entrepreneurial-minded musician.

Born David Anthony Love in the Bronx, New York, Kid Capri was born creatively ambitious, scaling his family’s old Zenith stereo system in an attempt to scratch records before he was even ten years old. Kid first inched his way onto the hip-hop scene with the grass-roots approach of club gigs and creating mixtapes. Kid is, in fact, the Prime Minister of mixtapes, as he saw their profit potential early in his career. He managed to turn a small business venture into a $2,000 a night underground empire! Once others caught on to the economic benefits of mixtapes, they soon followed in Kid’s footsteps and thus began the Kid Capri bandwagon.

Currently, there are no other DJs on Earth more recognizable to both hip-hop followers and the general public, largely due to Kid’s media sense. His face first became a part of the cultural landscape on the wildly popular Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam where he gave much of the world its first taste of live-performance hip-hop, as the first ever to perform live on TV as a DJ. From that, Kid became the most heavily demanded entertainment personality by many of the industry’s most respected and successful performers. Kid has toured extensively with multi-platinum artists such as Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, NAS, Lil’ Kim, Mase, Jay-Z, Usher, R-Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Dru Hill, Ginuwine and Aaliyah.

Beyond Kid’s renown as a show-stopping performer sits another side of him: the meticulous studio-scientist working behind the scenes to lend that extra wisdom to some of Hip Hop’s hottest-turned-classic records. He revels in the challenge of the ever-changing nature that defines the world of rap music. Prime examples of Kid’s versatility are his production credits. He has produced music for power players like Madonna, Jay-Z, Heavy D, and 50 Cent. His studio precision and artistry have made him a Grammy-award winning producer.

Kid continues to expand on his formula for success. In 2010, he produced and co-directed Loaded Lux’s Lionz Den, a film that focuses on the gritty, no holds barred lyrical battle between some of today’s most promising rappers. The battleground consists of a live audience including numerous Hip-Hop heavyweights and is set at BlackStar Video in Harlem. Loaded was a part of the 2010 Urban World Film Festival in New York City.
Kid has also been featured as lead judge on Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix”, the hit reality TV competition in search of the country’s hottest DJ. Seasons 1 and 2 aired on BET in 2011 and 2012 and featured Kid, host Just Blaze and fellow judges Amber Rose and Vikter Duplaix.
In March 2012 Kid was commissioned to remix “Masterpiece”, an exclusive track featured on the special Smirnoff Nightlife Edition of Madonna’s album, MDNA. He joined her for the album release party in Miami as a part of Winter Music Conference, and the album was released on March 26, 2012.

In the fall of 2012, Master of the Mix made a bold move from BET to VH1. Kid was again featured as a judge alongside Mia Moretti and Ben Maddahi. Season 3 premiered April 1, 2013, airing Mondays at midnight on VH1. 2013 also saw Kid touring extensively in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan.

In November 2013, Kid Capri was honored at the Global Spin Awards. Russell Simmons along with Just Blaze presented Kid with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award at the New York Times Center.
Kid Capri expanded his brand again in 2014 with the creation of Kid Capri Enterprises, a premiere DJ management firm. 2013 Master of the Mix finalist DJ Incrediboi is one of the first DJs to sign with Capri’s boutique label.

Currently, Kid Capri is working on “Top Tier”, the forthcoming mixtape/album. “Top Tier” features today’s hottest battle rappers and will release later this year.
Kid has far exceeded the expectations of his peers, critics and fans. His love for and careful nurturing of his immense talents has enabled him to represent hip-hop with class, individuality and intensity unmatched in the music industry. The impact Kid Capri has had, and will continue to have, is immeasurable. With cameos and features in many of today’s urban music videos there is a steadily increasing demand by many of the industry’s top performers for Kid’s guidance and expertise. Kid is steadily touring, selling out shows and balancing his heavy production schedule. Check him out at a city near you!

article source:

Kid Capri – Stephanie Mills/Impeach the President Blend

GMD – Grandmaster Dee

A photo posted by What Is Hip-Hop? (@thewhatishiphopproject) on Dec 13, 2016 at 5:40pm PST

Along with being an active member of Whodini, Grandmaster Dee has also made a name for himself as a DJ. He is internationally renowned for being able to scratch with almost every conceivable part of his anatomy. He has also been praised for his ability to access all genres of music reaching many different demographics. He is a featured artist by Stanton Magnetics, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products. 


Arizona Celebrates Its 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Festival

November 14, 2016, Respect The Underground showed their contribution to the hip-hop culture by hosting their 3rd Annual Arizona Hip-Hop festival at the  Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.  When I got to the downtown Phoenix area, I was not sure if I was in the right place.

Being a New york native that recently covered the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festivals and the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary, I was used to being backed up in traffic for 5 blocks before reaching the venues.

I found parking about a block away and the moment I turned off the car engine, I heard the music’s Base. The sound of hip-hop was in the air from a couple of blocks away and I was excited to be there. It’s amazing how you can walk a radius of 3 blocks in some communities and the entire culture can change.

Behind the ticket gate was a live stage performance right outside with hundreds of Hiphoppas everywhere. Young and old, artists and fans mixing up at what seemed to be the hip-hop heartbeat of Phoenix Arizona.

The Lineup for the 2016 AZ Hip Hop Festival was estimated to present 245  local artists.

Walking in the venues, there were music artists signing autographs, with 50  vendors from clothing designer, tattoo artist,  creating designs, food trucks, and another stage with another set of local artists moving the crowd.

There was a deejays and producers section at the event were Arizona’s premier and upcoming music makers played new music and original beats. All that was just in the lobby of the Comerica Theatre.

Entering the arena, on the balcony right above the stage lined a collection of 25 local graffiti artists, visual artists, and painters.

The Stage… What a show. Every show, every stage, every artist represented to the fulliest… The emcees had Delivery, Flow and Stage Presence, each artist gave an energy filled show.

Shout out to the Hiphoppas who showed up and supported the event, the artists and the culture.

To learn more about “Respect The Underground – visit them here ->

Check out these artists

Beats – @WIFyeBeats

Digital Art –

Engineering –

Tattoo Artist –

Radio –

Artist / Designer / Painter – Art By Porgia

Headphones –

Photography –






FOUNDING FATHERS narrated by Chuck D

Video presented by Founding Fathers…
A factual report about unsung DJ’s who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.
-In memory of the late great Pete “DJ” Jones, Rest in Peace