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KRS-One’s Book Signing Party: The Gospel of Hip Hop

November 10th, 2009, I was invited to shoot a book signing party for one of my childhood hero, KRS-One of B.D.P. KRS-One released a book titled, The Gospel of Hip Hop. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with the Legend. Amongst these legends, there were Hip Pioneers who came out to represent and show support, The Father of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc, DJ Cool V, Freddie Fox, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Hakim of Channel Live and many others. The teacher it a moment and spoke to the crowd about what Hip-Hop really is to the founding generations, today’s generation and the generations to come.

Here is an excerpt from Kurt Nice about the event.

On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, the Temple of Hip Hop celebrated the release of the long-awaited book presented by KRS ONE, The Gospel of Hip Hop. The event took place at the elegant W Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York City, where a museum-like atmosphere was created adorned with some artifacts of the Hip Hop Kulture. On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, the Temple of Hip Hop celebrated the release of the long-awaited book presented by KRS ONE, The Gospel of Hip Hop. The event took place at the elegant W Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York City, where a museum-like atmosphere was created adorned with some artifacts of the Hip Hop Kulture.  On one side of the room was a prominent display of some of the audio devices used by the culture over the years from turntables to boom box radios and cassette walk-mans. Various colorful canvas art pieces accented the space along with some black and white reproductions created by Hip Hop graffiti artists Jason Lee. In a certain area near the entrance, Hiphoppas could reflect on the contribution of some of the many “risen heroes” pictured in frames hung on the wall behind a serene waterfall/ rock display.          In the place of honor, seated in two red velvet chairs on stage were Kool DJ Herc and his sister Cindy aka Pep who inspired the first Hip Hop Jam in 1973. On a huge video screen next to the stage was video documenting classic performances of artists like Busy Bee and KRS ONE on stage with Nas to the Meeting of the Minds Conference held in 1994 which details the first public call for a comprehensive book on Hip Hop to be written. In this video, KRS ONE, announces that he will be embarking on the mission of researching and uncovering the origins and description of the Hip Hop Kulture, which is transcribed in more detail in the 12th Overstanding of the Gospel of Hip Hop.         All who attended eagerly awaited the unveiling of the book, including guests like Sadat X of Brand Nubians, Charles Ahearn, director of Wildstyle, Lord Yoda X of the Zulu Nation, Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx, E Z AD of the Cold Crush Bros.,  Biz Markie’s deejay, Cutmaster Cool V, Black Dot, Dru Ha from Duck Down and many others.  After The Teacha addressed the crowd with a 45-minute speech, he took questions from the audience and then proceeded to sign copies of the book. Later, he attended the After Party hosted by Hip Hop legend Tony Touch at Sutra. More of the Duck Down family were in attendance including Smiff and Wesson, plus an anxious crowd of well-wishers and Uncle Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box.

There are several video clips as well as hundreds of pictures from the night to enjoy so look around.

Peace and Blessings, Kurt Nice, Temple of Hip Hop
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Mickey Factz Releases New Mixtape And Announces He Will Drop 3 Projects In The Next 3 Months!

The What Is Hip-Hop Project connected with NYC’s Emcee and Artist, Mickey Factz and asked if he had any projects in the works. Being the busy multitasker and music producer he is, he not only has new projects in the works but also just dropped his new “Rare Freestyles and Unearthed Works Vol2 Mixtape just yesterday. The brother stays busy.

Factz told TWIHHP “Yes 3 new projects in the next 3 months. He plans to release an ep once again with Toronto producer, 100 bulletz, then another mixtape of his own, and then drop a third ep with Detroit emcee, Key Wane.

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Freestyle Friday! Aaron Cooks / @GodCooks – Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

Video by Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

As the Godcast continues to level up, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga break new ground and bring you the first freestyle session on the show with special guest Aaron Cooks serving up nothing but flame-grilled bars! Could there be more shows in future dedicated to just showcasing rapping??

0:000:44 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:45 Special Guest Intro: Aaron Cooks
4:45 Godcast Freestyle Session: Aaron Cooks
9:00 Digga thought Cooks can’t cook??
11:29 Upcoming music & collabs from Aaron Cooks
12:47 Godcast episode of NOTHING BUT RAPPING!!!
13:58 Rah Digga didn’t care who she went at
14:55 Outro
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TRB2HH Docuseries presents NoBody Beats the Biz Docu-series

In our first release we chronicle the early years of the Diabolical Biz Markie. This Artist has contributed so much in music, trend, sound, and help to evolve hiphop as a culture. This is a peak into his famous career as Cold chillin records go to guy. We love him for what he has done and honor him for what he gave us while doing it. EnJoy!!

David Bars talks about hip-hop and his new project.

TWIHHP had an interview with Bronx NYC artist – David Bars at the famous D.I.T.C (Diggin In The Crates) Studios. David Bars talks about his view on the state of hip-hop, his roots to the culture, and his new upcoming project.

David Bars releases his first single off his upcoming project “In Bars We Trust” Set to release 1-1-18 free digital download available everywhere. Follow David Bars: Instagram @davidbars_ Twitter @davidbarsinc ———————————— ▶️ SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL – ✅ VISIT THE WEBSITE AT – “The What Is Hip-Hop Project | Taking it back to Roots” by Tyrone Z. McCants | @ZirePhotos INSTAGRAM: @thewhatishiphopproject… TWITTER: @twihhp FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE:


Rhythm Roulette: Havoc

Video by Mass Appeal – In this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal linked with Havoc of Mobb Deep to show us why he’s considered a living legend.

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FOUNDING FATHERS narrated by Chuck D

Video presented by Founding Fathers…
A factual report about unsung DJ’s who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.
-In memory of the late great Pete “DJ” Jones, Rest in Peace