Hidden Text: The Roots – What They Do w/ text

You have a message… beep…  date: 1996….

Peace Party People! Yo my dawg found this video. The videos show subtext stating that the video and the portrayals were not real. Big business removed the text to keep the illusion alive long enough for labels to get fat while having the common fan believe these artists were really living the lifestyles they showed in their videos. I think it was brilliant. But many people missed the full message and fell into the trap spawning the need for materialism and ignorance. Some believe that was a conscious time in hip-hop. Imagine were hip-hop would be if we got the message. Its been over 15 years since the video with text could be found online. The removing of the text was said to be because of a rap beef between the Roots and B.I.G… but don’t believe the hype.

Side note, I think there was more text. This could been done over.

Music video by The Roots performing What They Do. (C) 1996 Geffen Records. Director: Charles Stone III


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