Afrika Bambaataa: Punk Rockers Were 1st Euro-Americans to Accept Hip-Hop

Published on Mar 31, 2015 – The Godfather of Hip-Hop, Afrika Bambaataa, sat down with VladTV to discuss his various nicknames, the origins of the culture and when exactly white people begin embracing Hip-Hop.

The legend says that most of his nicknames were given to him by people who recognized his role in progressing the culture. He also spoke on his relationship with fellow Hip Hop great Kool Herc, saying they were both the hottest DJ’s within their respective neighborhoods in The Bronx. He also revealed the origins of the term “Hip-Hop” itself, saying it came from the raps of Keith Cowboy and Lovebug Starski.

Bambaataa also reveals when white people actually started to embrace the culture, saying the punk rockers of downtown Manhattan were the first to show love from outside of the movement. He disagrees with Lord Jamar’s statements that Whites are “guests in the house of Hip-Hop,” saying in the early years you could make that argument. Today, however, Hip-Hop is a global phenomenon that has branched out to all people, similarly to religions having roots within one culture and eventually branching out to others.

Get a history lesson from the great Afrika Bambaataa above.


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