Yasiin Bey Just Put Out A Call To Battle Any Rapper On The Planet

Article BY ZOhttp://www.okayplayer.com/news/yasiin-bey-challenges-the-world-to-a-rap-battle-video.html

Earlier this week, Yasiin Bey made his standup debut in Montreal, taking jabs at the Meek/Drake spectacle and really, the rap-beef charade at large. And today, a video has surfaced in which the artist formerly known as Mos Def literally challenges the world of rap to a battle with not one, but a three-man wrecking crew, comprised our very own Black Thought, Charm City stunner King Los and himself, of course. In the minute-plus clip, Bey (sorting through a grip of high-fashion eyewear) claims that he and his motley crew would take on any competitor in a battle of words, championing the live and direct approach to oneupmanship, harking back to the days of the cypher instead of the today’s Twittersphere takedowns and half-baked diss-tracks. And, personally, I don’t think I’d mind the show, specially if it were to be broadcast PPV-style across the weird and wild web, putting your boy back on the map and giving some well-earned shine to some of the game’s most underrated MCs. Nothing of that sort has officially been announced just yet, but at least a few microphone fiends have already heeded the call:

Yasiin Bey Just Put Out A Call To Battle Any Rapper On The Planet

Watch as Yasiin Bey challenges the rap game to a duel below.



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