Breakin at the Bk Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition

BkHipHopFest15 – BK Juice Hip-Hop-Exhibition – Dance Off – LiteFeet

My best moment in this momentous event was experiencing the ‘Dance Off.’  at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

This dance style for hip hop began in Harlem and was formed in 2005 -2006 in a range of 10 years; various dancers have created and shaped it. Litefeet consists of various dance trends which combine together like the Harlem shake, chicken noodle soup, the bad one and tone wop; however, it is made up of dance moves numbering 20 and more.

The two crews that presented the LiteFeet Dance off were CHRYBABY COZIE & LITE FEET NATION and WAFFLE NYC. Participating DJs were KERIM THE DJ, DJ MIDNITEDJ E DOUBLE and 1200 SQUAD. In the middle of the performance, Pop Master Fabel of the Rock Steady Crew jumped in and did his thing.

Photography by Tyrone Z. McCants of / @ZirePhotos

I left this hip-hop event more assured and appreciative about the evolution of the Hip-Hop culture, that the knowledge and legacy of this culture is in good hands with the new generation of hip-hop heads. The movement of love and vibration is only growing and gaining back its power and will continue expanding and evolving!


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