Graffiti and Art at the Bk Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition

On July 20, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending the Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition at Littlefield in Brooklyn, New York

The event was organized by Juels Pierrot of Juice Inc. whose aim is to channel Hip-Hop culture into the future and at the same time maintain honesty. They organized this event in collaboration with Brooklyn Bodega to enhance this culture by bringing together the latest upcoming deejays, dancers, sneaker heads, emcees as well as visual artists under one roof.

We were treated to a variety of interesting presentations like Tidal Show and Prove Showcase, Dance Off, Salute the DJ, Beat Showcase, Art Gallery and Sneaker Gallery.

We all learnt a lot from this event such as the role of hip-hop ingredients in Hip-Hop culture, as illustrated below:

One of the Hip-Hop Ingredients was Graffiti and Art 

Graffiti and Art Gallery 

The role of art in Hip-Hop culture was emphasized to us by artists such as Rebecca Maria and Lavan Wright who displayed some of their great works. These individuals used art to express this culture. Initially, they used graffiti but this has transformed to painting, film making and photography. This ingredient is a representation of all that is vital to this culture; this can be touched and seen.

The initial presentation of the culture of hip hop was graffiti. The codes and messages portrayed via graffiti documented whatever was taking place at that particular time; it was a method of the youth expressing themselves via art. Today, graffiti remains our imaginative indication of our societies and of ourselves.

Art by Lavan Wright

Grafitti Art The JUICE Hip-Hop Exhibition

Art Rebecca Maria – Paid in Full themed

Photos by ZirePhotos – Replica of a Replica of a Replica

I left this hip-hop event more assured and appreciative about the evolution of the Hip-Hop culture, that the knowledge and legacy of this culture is in good hands with the new generation of hip-hop heads. The movement of love and vibration is only growing and gaining back its power and will continue expanding and evolving!


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