The New Era of Hip Hop – Pro Era

The New Era of Hip Hop is upon us. And I feel confident in saying we are in good hands. Pro Era is the New Era! After seeing these emerging artists perform, I knew that moment was hip hop history. It was like hearing the Scenario Remix by the Leaders of the New School and A Tribe Called Quest together for the first time, but in 2014.

What better way can you celebrate Brooklyn / Queens Day in Brooklyn? Summerstage and the Lyricist Lounge decided to build a stage, put up some speakers and held a Free Live Concert in RedHook Park featuring BK’s own – Pro Era!

Although many of them are barely out of their teens, they performed like they’ve been doing it for years. Organically hip-hop bred in Flatbush, Brooklyn. They bring a variety of raw lyrical skills, a rooted comradery and they deliver one of the best stage shows I’ve seen in a long time. And just when I thought to show was at its zenith, they bring The Underachievers to the stage!

Most hip-hop heads know the work of Jozif Badmon aka Joey BadA$$, but the true hip-hop heads know that he is one part of an greater conglomerate of Mcees. Pro Era is a collective of new age verbal X-Men. All bringing their own unique power and skillz to the Pro Era movement; Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Deesy Hinds, A La $ole, Dyemond Lewis, Nick Caution, Rokumouth, Ali and Dirty Sanchez. That’s just to name a few.

The latest projects from the Pro Era camp is CJ Fly’s Thee Way Eye See It, Joey BadA$$’s Summer Knight and from Pro Era – Peep The Aprocalypse. Stay tuned for upcoming projects from Nyck Caution, Dirty Sanchez and Kirk Knight.

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