The New Era of Hip Hop – Pro Era

The New Era of Hip Hop is upon us. And I feel confident in saying we are in good hands. Pro Era is the New Era! After seeing these emerging artists perform, I knew that moment was hip hop history. It was like hearing the Scenario Remix by the Leaders of the New School and A Tribe Called Quest together for the first time, but in 2014.

What better way can you celebrate Brooklyn / Queens Day in Brooklyn? Summerstage and the Lyricist Lounge decided to build a stage, put up some speakers and held a Free Live Concert in RedHook Park featuring BK’s own – Pro Era! Sür Niles and Statik Selektah were on the 1s and 2s.

Although many of them are barely out of their teens, they performed like they’ve been doing it for years. Organically hip-hop bred in Flatbush, Brooklyn. They bring a variety of raw lyrical skills, a rooted comradery and they deliver one of the best stage shows I’ve seen in a long time. And just when I thought to show was at its zenith, they bring The Underachievers to the stage!

Most hip-hop heads know the work of Jozif Badmon aka Joey BadA$$, but the true hip-hop heads know that he is one part of an greater conglomerate of emcees. Pro Era is a collective of new age verbal X-Men. All bringing their own unique power and skillz to the Pro Era movement; Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Deesy Hinds, A La $ole, Dyemond Lewis, Nyck Caution, Rokumouth, Ali and Dirty Sanchez. That’s just to name a few. Get the Full Roster here.

The latest projects from the Pro Era camp include  Knight Time by Kirk Knight, The Powers Pleasant Experience by Power Pleasant,

CJ Fly’s Thee Way Eye See It, Joey BadA$$’s Summer Knight and from Pro Era – Peep The Aprocalypse. Stay tuned for upcoming projects from Nyck Caution, Dirty Sanchez and Kirk Knight.




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