Mind Body Soul Diabetes Awareness Concert

Phife Dawg’s Diabetes Benefit Concert

I got an email about a diabetes awareness concert hosted by Phife Dawg at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Not knowing if it was really happening, but being a true hip-hop head, I grabbed my camera and bounced. Wow, I am glad I went. The performers who blessed the stage were Tribe Called Quest, Lost Boyz, Consequence, Mos Def and Talib Kweli. The co-host of the evening was Michael Rapaport. The show was closed out by your boy, Jay Electronica… Whoa. It was strong up in there. This was the dopest hip hop concert I’ve been to in years.

Phife Dawg of the hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, has been fighting with diabetes since the early 1990’s. After being placed on dialysis and hospitalized in 2002, he began to spread the awareness about his illness. In 2008, he was blessed to have a successful kidney transplant, since then, he has made a full recovery.

Rumor has it, that this was his first performance since his surgery, and this was the beginning of the Come Back!!! Personally, I was hype to see him perform one of my all-time favorites A Tribe Called Quest joints “Butter” I lost my voice that night.

Photos by ZirePhotosNYC

Video by Scott Buckets


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